Why should I Sugar not Wax?

Sugar Vs Wax

Why should I Sugar not Wax?
Oct 03, 2022

Why Should I Sugar not Wax?

Hair removal is a facet of personal grooming. It can be a DIY process or seek service from a salon. There are many skin care products available that contain chemicals, while others contain natural ingredients. Good thing is, there’s a process called sugaring that uses all-natural formula, thus less abrasive. But many people are asking which is better between sugaring and waxing.

What’s the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Waxing and sugaring are both effective hair removal treatment. They have the similar process that is pulling or extracting the hairs. But of course, there’s a difference between the two. The major difference is the mixture.

Sugar paste contains 100% natural ingredients that include sugar, water, and lemon. The paste penetrates the hair follicle and to individual hair. Thus, removing the hair from the root is a swift. Waxing contains synthetic ingredients such as petroleum, paraffin, and other additives. Hence, not good for the skin and the environment.

If you are around Melbourne, Australia and you want to seek a hair removal service, you can visit Sugar Me. They offer body sugaring service performed by trained and licensed professionals. The staffs are trained to perform the right technique of sugaring.

Another advantage of hiring the service of Sugar Me is the product they use. They are using Australian-made products that are organic and natural. Thus, it is safe to use for any kind of skin, especially sensitive skin.

They developed the sugar paste considering safer and less painful method. Body sugaring applies to the legs, arms, bikini lines, and underarm. Nothing to worry about because Sugar Me is using natural and vegan-friendly ingredients.

Sugar Me guarantees each client would leave the salon with smooth skin. They ensure that the texture and appearance of the skin will improve using the especially formulated sugar paste.

You can contact them through sugarmeaustralia@gmail.com for inquiries and reservations.

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