Combination Brows - Feathering & Soft Ombre/Shading



Eyebrows are an extremely important feature of the face. It can define your expressions, frames your face, and is a big part your overall appearance, so a great brow is crucial.

The skills to microblading matched with a soft ombre effect are what give the brow the perfect gradient and natural hair growth appearance. Clients can opt in for a defined bold appearance with heavier shading, or a feathered ombre for a lighter natural appearance.

Soft ombre methods are achieved through either a manual means or mechanically through machine. Although microblading and soft ombre are different methods, when paired together with the right techniques and methods learned in our classes, beautiful results are achieved.

Case, the client will be satisfied greatly.


Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation practices (3S)

Our clients are equipped with the knowledge required to be able to deliver safe,healthy hygienic and expert services with our mandatory 3S training in line with Canadian health and legal regulations.

Perfect Soft Ombre Eyebrow kit

The perfect soft ombre eyebrow kit is the set you need to deliver a natural, soft yet eyebrow.

Colour theory and color mixing

Match the right color every time after our lesson in colour theory and colour mixing. Knowing what the right shade to use is crucial to delivering the perfect brow.

Procedural station set-up

Learn how to effectively use a space to provide a comfortable, efficient and safe setting for your clients.

3 months support after the course

Only a call away. Reach us by phone, email or drop-in if you ever have a question or need additional guidance for an additional 3 month after course completion.

Skin types and colors

Everybody is different, so we ensure our clients are trained with the knowledge on how to identify the different products and methods used to style on each individual.

Procedural station set-up

Learn how to effectively use a space to provide a comfortable, efficient and safe setting for your clients.

Needle selection and usage

Clients are taught the different uses of an assortment of tools and equipment used to achieve the perfect look. Learn how to use the right needle for the right technique.

Permanent makeup tools

Become familiar with all of the makeup, semi-permanent and permanent. Learn how to apply, design and perfect different styles and techniques

Different shapes of eyebrows

Learn the different styles and shape of eyebrows to suit every type of client. Based on trends, face shape and hairline your clients are guaranteed to leave feel

Practice on one live model

Live models will be present so you can get the real life practice needed to feel confident and master your skills.

Outlining perfect eyebrows on different skin types

Outline the perfect shape before applying long term makeup but learning multiple styles of outline, pattern, length and depth.

Ensure all client expectations and needs are met, including client health and safety

Customer satisfaction, safety and happiness is extremely important to us. Learn the fundamentals in how to gain clients, hear our requests and ensure their satisfaction with certified OMLB training.

Short- and long-term aftercare

Learn how to treat and care for short and long-term aftercare to ensure your makeup is maintained to perfection.


Upon completion of course, earn your certificate and begin your new amazing career in cosmetics


  • 1 Eyebrow Shaver
  • 1 Eyebrow brush
  • 1 Design Pencil
  • 1 Eyebrow Ruler
  • 1 Antibiotic Healing Cream
  • 1 Latex Paper
  • 4 Natural Organic Pigments(FDA / DERMATEST)
  • 10 Finger Rings
  • 10  Numbing Cream Cups
  • Client Medical Record Card
  • Informed Consent Form



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